Dr. William Martin Valuck

This doctor is no longer performing USCIS medical examinations.

Vista Medical Clinic
3700 South Western Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73109
(405) 634-2929

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From: Diana Robinett
13 Aug 2016, 23:38
I was just wanting 2 know if Dr. William Valuck is back in business at his Oklahoma city clinic? if he isn't does anyone know of a Doctor that could treat me the way Valuck treated is people wen it coming 2 writing scripts. email address for response :: dianarobinett5@gmail.com
From: Diana Robinett
13 Aug 2016, 23:38
I was just wanting 2 know if Dr. William Valuck is back in business at his Oklahoma city clinic? if he isn't does anyone know of a Doctor that could treat me the way Valuck treated is people wen it coming 2 writing scripts. email address for response :: dianarobinett5@gmail.com
From: Wake Up
13 Aug 2014, 10:27
Rose you are the idiot. By the way you type you are clearly under the influence. Have another pain killer.
From: rose
16 Jul 2014, 09:18
Dr. Va luck is a good doctor. Hands down . First doctor to finally diagnose my life light knee problem. First off doctors can't assume who's an addict and who's not. They have to listen to patient problem and address.Lthal mix ? No if it was so lethal then pharmacy can't fil it. With those idiots who died, sorry stop trying to win the lottery the plainly OVRRDOSED THEM SELVES. How can he know if they are taking correctly or not? I took mine as needed and never died. Hoe do you dir under pain management by ovrrodseing yourself. Sorry but they did that to their self stop trying to blame everyone else for their drug addict behaivor...
From: Wake Up
07 Jan 2014, 13:18
For those of you praying for the great and powerful Dr. Valuck, I encourage you to pray because when I prayed for the man to be arrested and taken off the streets, my prayers were answered. Now for Michael Hume.............
From: sd
07 Jan 2014, 05:37
Well Ben when did you get out? Good one about your hearing this from his cell mate. Grow up. That has nothing to do with what this sight is all about. Why act like a child and post something that is stupid and a lie. Leave the man alone.
From: ACC
06 Jan 2014, 18:16

this page warned people about Dr Valuck before some people died.
From: Ben Dover
06 Jan 2014, 15:03
Dr.Valick gives really good blow jobs his cell mate said.
From: concerned patient
31 Dec 2013, 22:39
To the post about how you start talking pain medication and then you end up shooting meth and have sores on your face that is such a joke. And for not having pain you can't speak for others unless you have walked in their shoes. You may not die from the pain but let me tell you that there are times you wished you would. Just because some people take it farther and get into other drugs does not mean everyone does. So you need to speak for yourself. And yes chronic pain is bad very bad.
From: concerned patient and human being
31 Dec 2013, 12:16
I am sorry to hear that and for your loss. I am very surprised to hear that he would write medications that are lethal if taken together. If he did so I am surprised that the pharmacist did not notice it and explain this to your brother. All, well most of your pharmacies ask questions when you fill your scripts and inform you of the medication. By no means am I not feeling for you and your family but since all of this has hit the news people are coming out of the wood work with how bad of a Dr and man that he was and it upsets me greatly. He was very good to me and concerned with my health and well being. Unfortunately there are some bad apples that go to these Dr's to get meds to sell or just to take to get high. The ones that are just looking for the high are the ones who ruin it for the people who need it for pain and take it the way the directions say on the bottle so they can have some kind of normal life and can actually get up and be able to do things. I am not being cold hearted or by any means not feeling for you and your family about the loss of your brother. I just have to say that we do not know what some of the ones who died may have taken with their regular meds or how they took their meds. The Dr wrote them but he did not make them take them or force them down their throat. I feel bad for anyone who looses a loved one. I myself lost my niece do to drugs but I am also aware of how she was taken them and how often. I don't blame the Dr for that at all. Everyone should know exactly what and how these people died before they pass judgment on the Dr. I am not speaking of your brother at all and again my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I am just speaking what I feel and how I feel about Dr. Valuck. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family as well. God Bless
From: Not enough
31 Dec 2013, 11:41
There are many, many reputable doctors practicing a very legal practice of pain management in this and surrounding states and THEY DO NOT CHARGE $120 CASH for their services. I sympathize with you if you are in chronic pain; but you aren't going to die from it! If you are prescribed a lethal dose of medication from what you believe is a "real" doctor, then you are trusting they know what's best. Well, they don't give a shit if all they are in it for is CASH MONEY. Then three years down the road you are an addict. You have lost your job, your children, you have started shooting meth, heroin and you face is deformed from all of the sores. You don't have the money for rehab, then you overdose and die. All the while your family is heart sick and wonder how this could ever happen to such a beautiful person. To all you people that rave about this monster, bully, bully you don't have pain. My child is DEAD! My pain will never go away.

From: Nina
31 Dec 2013, 07:31
Dr. Valuck prescribed medications together which was a lethal combination. My brother died last month because of this. He will pay for his negligence.
From: sd
30 Dec 2013, 17:52
I am not here to argue the point but each person has a right to their on opinion and I stand firm on mine. I have been under pain management care for over 20 yrs. In that length of time I have used only 2 Dr's. I am sorry for their loss but the Dr did not open their mouths and put the meds in the mouths of the patients. There are alot of people out there who go to get the meds just to sell them or over medicate themselves. You have true people who are in true pain and need their meds. If they follow the directions on the label plus not mix with other drugs they would be ok. I am sorry you disagree but I don't need to wake up. I still believe in them and think it is very unfair what they are doing to him.
From: Wake up
30 Dec 2013, 16:31
Michael Hume is NOT A DOCTOR so please don't offend the millions of people who train years to use that term. I bet the families of the nine homicide by overdose patients want agree with you. You people don't understand. My daughter was not an addict before she started her "pain management" routine with MR. Hume. She WAS a healthy young adult with a minor back problem. Anytime you have to pay cash for a so-called-doctor visit there should be some concern.
From: sandy doss
30 Dec 2013, 13:58
I have been a patient of Dr. Hume and Dr. Valuck for several years. They were very good Dr's and took their time with you on your visit. They truly cared about your quality of life and the level of pain you were in. There were times I would be in tears and Dr. Valuck cried with me. He was doing all he could to help me be able to live a somewhat normal life so I could enjoy my life with my husband, children and grandchildren. When he prescribes your meds it is up to you to take it the correct way and not to mix it with other drugs. He is and can't supervise each and every patient he sees when they walk out. He does not deserve what is going on with him and I will pray for him and always stand up for him.
From: concerned parent
30 Dec 2013, 11:38
It was my daughter that lost 15% of her body weight by going to Mr. Hume. All of you Dr. Valuck and Hume lovers need to talk with the countless parent who have watched their children sink unto a life of addiction by taking narcotics prescribed by these nuts. My son would go to their clinic with soars on his head, no questions asked by these quack doctors. My daughter was clearing emaciated and that didn't stop the fool from prescribing her "the deadly cocktail" of drugs....for years! I hope both these men spend the rest of their lives in prison. I can't begin to describe how these two doctors have ruined the life of a once beautiful young women, full of promise and hope. How their greed stole my daughter from her loving family. Mark, you are an idiot and must be a paid employee of these two monsters. Both of my children went to this clinic with real pain that was temporary and both ended up as addicts. When the 540 pills are gone by in two weeks, addicts turn to meth and heroin. I don't have a medical degree and I am smart enough to know the problems of long term prescribing of narcotics and addiction. You guys need to wake up and stop defending criminals.
From: AJ
30 Dec 2013, 01:58
Yeah you might want to check Google again. Valuck has recently been arrested on 9 counts of murder and 43 different drug charges. So much for your theory and snarky attitude.
From: Paul
19 Dec 2013, 20:03
Yes, I knew all about his felony in Texas. The man did his time and that's in the past and had absolutely nothing to do with him medically speaking. Here is what happened: Valuck, 70, Hume's supervising physician, never has been disciplined as a doctor or had his license suspended or revoked, but the Michigan native did serve five years in federal prison. PLEASE READ THE ABOVE OVER AND OVER IF YOU'RE HAVING TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING IT. VALUCK HAS NEVER BEEN DISCIPLINED AS A DOCTOR OR HAD HIS LICENSE SUSPENDED OR REVOKED!!!!! GOT IT?? Valuck, who also has practiced in Texas and Ohio, was convicted in late 2000 of money laundering, wire fraud and devising a scheme to defraud investors of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was sentenced to 70 months in prison. Court records show that Valuck, who at one point operated an ambulance company in Texas, solicited money from other doctors and medical professionals, promising them high returns in vague bank trading program. In addition to serving prison time, Valuck was ordered to pay more than $600,000 in restitution. Federal prison records show that he was released from prison on April 15, 2005. END OF THAT STORY.

When ANY doctor prescribes pain medications or ANY medications for that matter, when that patient walks out that door, it is NOT their (doctor's) responsibility to follow them home and make sure they are doing what they're supposed to be doing. Any doctor expects a patient to be honest with them. The 1% out there overdosing are your true addicts. There is NOTHING a doctor, or anyone can do about that. My own father was an addict who just never "got it." You can't MAKE them do a thing. THEY have to WANT help. The majority of the addicts who o.d., or o.d. then die, have more than pain medications in their system. You ever check their autopsy reports??? Most are mixing their meds with booze, street drugs like heroin, meth, whatever else they can get their hands on. Funny isn't it that the media never mentions that part huh?? It's always JUST the pain medications. Baloney! Don't you get sick and tired of hearing about charges being brought against PAIN MANAGEMENT doctors for "over-prescribing??" That's the most idiotic phrase I've ever heard! They prescribe a patient an amount they believe is appropriate for their condition(s). They aren't out there prescribing 2000 pain pills a month for each patient!!! Here are the laws for Oklahoma from the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision: The Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision (Board) recognizes that principles of quality medical prectice dictate that the people of the State of Oklahoma have access to appropriate and effective pain relief. The appropriate application of up-to-date knowledge and treatment modalities can serve to improve the quality of life for those patients who suffer from pain as well as to reduce the morbidity and costs associated with untreated or inappropriately treated pain. For the purposes of this policy, the inappropriate treatment of pain includes nontreatment, undertreatment, overtreatment and the continued use of ineffective treatments. The diagnosis of treatment of pain is intregal to the practice of medicine. The Board encourages physicians to view pain management as a part of quality medical practice for all patients with pain, acute or chronic, and it is especially urgent for patients who experience pain as a result of terminal illness. All physicians should become knowledgeable about assessing patients' pain and effective methods of pain treatment, as well as statutory requirements for prescribing controlled substances. Accordingly, the policy has been developed to clarify the Board's position on pain control, particularly as related to the use of controlled substances, to alleviate physician uncertainty and to encourage better pain management. Inappropriate pain treatment may result from physicians' lack of knowledge about pain management. Fears of investigation or sanction by federal, state and local agencies may also result in inappropriate treatment of pain. APPROPRIATE PAIN MANAGEMENT IS THE TREATING PHYSICIAN'S RESPONSIBILITY. As such, the Board will consider the INAPPROPRIATE TREATMENT OF PAIN TO BE A DEPARTURE FROM STANDARDS OF PRACTICE AND WILL INVESTIGATE SUCH ALLEGATIONS, RECOGNIZING THAT SOME TYPE OF PAIN CANNOT BE COMPLETELY RELIEVED, AND TAKING INTO ACCOUNT WHETHER THE TREATMENT IS APPROPRIATE FOR THE DIAGNOSIS. THE BOARD RECOGNIZES CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES, INCLUDING OPIOID ANALGESICS, MAY BE ESSENTIAL IN THE TREATMENT OF ACUTE PAIN DUE TO TRAUMA OR SURGERY AND CHRONIC PAIN, WHETHER DUE TO CANCER OR NON-CANCER ORIGINS. The Board will refer to current clinical practice guidelines and expert review in approaching cases involving management of pain. The medical management of pain should consider current clinical knowledge and scientific research and the use of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic modalities according to the judgment of the physician. Pain should be assessed and treated promptly and the quantity and frequency of doses should be adjusted according to the intensity, duration of the pain and treatment outcomes. Physicians should recognize that tolerance and physical dependence are normal consequences of sustained use of opioid analgesics and are not the same as addiction. The Board is obligated under the laws of the State of Oklahoma to protect the public health and safety. The Board recognizes that the use of opioid analgesics for other than legitimate medical purposes pose a threat to the individual and society and that the inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances, including opioid analgesics, may lead to drug diversion and abuse by individuals who seek them for other than legitimate medical use. Accordingly, the Board expects that physicians incorporate safeguards into their practices to minimize the potential for the abuse and diversion of controlled substances. PHYSICIANS SHOULD NOT FEAR DISCIPLINARY ACTION FROM THE BOARD FOR ORDERING, PRESCRIBING, DISPENSING OR ADMINISTERING CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES, INCLUDING OPIOID ANALGESICS, FOR A LEGITIMATE MEDICAL PURPOSE AND IN THE COURSE OF PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE. THE BOARD WILL CONSIDER PRESCRIBING, ORDERING DISPENSING OR ADMINISTERING CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES FOR PAIN TO BE FOR A LEGITIMATE MEDICAL PURPOSE IF BASED ON SOUND CLINICAL JUDGMENT. ALL SUCH PRESCRIBING MUST BE BASED ON CLEAR DOCUMENTATION OF UNRELIEVED PAIN. TO BE WITHIN THE USUAL COURSE OF PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE, A PHYSICIAN-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP MUST EXIST AND THE PRESCRIBING SHOULD BE BASED ON A DIAGNOSIS AND DOCUMENTATION OF UNRELIEVED PAIN. COMPLIANCE WITH APPLICABLE STATE AND/OR FEDERAL LAW IS REQUIRED. The Board will judge the validity of the physician's treatment of the patient based on available documentation, rather than solely on the quantity and duration of medication administration. The goal is to control the patient's pain while effectively addressing other aspects of the patient's functioning, including physical, psychological, social and work-related factors. Allegations of inappropriate pain management will be evaluated on an individual basis. The Board will not take disciplinary action against a physician for deviating from this policy when contemporaneous medical records document reasonable cause for deviation. The physician's conduct will be evaluated to a great extent by the outcome or pain treatment, recognizing that some types of pain cannot be completely relieved, and by taking into account whether the drug used is appropriate for the diagnosis, as well as improvement in patient functioning and/or quality of life.

As of 2012: Oklahoma enacted a provision (1) stating that Schedule II, III, IV, and V drugs have a legitimate medical purpose (2) encouraging physicians to view effective pain management as part of quality medical practice and (3) authorizing a doctor to administer a high dosage of controlled drugs if that doctor feels that dosage is part of appropriate pain management for that patient. OKLA. STAT. ANN. tit. 63 ยง 2 ]551 (West 2012)

Dr. Valuck is an excellent doctor. He is kind, considerate, concerned about your health and is OBEYING the laws regarding pain management by having his patients do MANDATORY UA's, keeping accurate records, referring a patient out for MRI's or ct scans when needed and much more. Prescribing his patients pain medications when they are suffering with chronic intractable pain and by doing so, allowing them to have some quality of life is his job and he is doing it by the book! Babysitting his patients isn't part of that job description.
From: Educated in this field
15 Dec 2013, 22:59
Dr. Valuck upset his old clinic when he left, so there is a backlash. Is this a ratings review for a doctor or a gossip column? He is a good doctor. The patients that abuse their medication are responsible for that. Each bottle clearly states the amount needed. It's not rocket science.
From: Ben Dover
15 Dec 2013, 00:14
He got busted today for the final time so suck it.
From: AdvocatesNeedToRESEARCH
24 Jul 2013, 14:37
Oh, and Mark? Don't assume 'ExPatient' means "fired." It sometimes means "discovered doctor's prison record and LEFT."
From: AdvocatesNeedToRESEARCH
24 Jul 2013, 14:31
Mark, check www.facebook.com/advancedcaremedical - or - Google - or - http://newsok.com/oklahoma-physician-assistant-accused-of-improperly-prescr ibing-painkillers-medications/article/3760383 ---------------

Mark, you can't speak intelligently about a topic without doing your homework. Clearly, you have no clue what has been or is going on with these practitioners.

Dr. William Valuck spent FIVE years in a FEDERAL PRISON on multiple charges, including fraud and money laundering, to the tune of $600K. HE IS DISHONEST. His PA, Mike Hume, has been formally disciplined for his prescribing habits more than once, as recently as March 2013, nearly poisoning a woman whose blood levels of opiates increased 4000% after a single visit to Mike Hume.

Channel 9 News reporters have published one expose article about Mr. Hume already and are currently working on a followup article that was said to be out this week. And now, yet another Channel 9 reporter is also investigating this shady clinic. I've spoken to both of them and agreed to be interviewed for TV in silhouette. I've also talked to the Oklahoma Narcotics Board and the Board of Osteopaths, who've requested formal written complaints and testimony on the record, respectively. Clearly, they, too, are building a case.

There IS no defense for medical personnel such as these two. I've worked in the medical field and am trained to work with patients; I'm not exactly a stranger to standard medical practices.

Here's another little known fact (probably because the clinic refuses to give out the clinic owner's last name, which I have on a recorded phone call), Dr. Valuck works for his PA and his PA's wife! I had to dig a little deeper, disguise my phone number on their caller ID, and talk a little BS to get June Hume's name and a confirmation that she is the clinic's owner and registered agent. What doctor has his ASSISTANT as his boss?!? Dr. Valuck has so ruined his reputation that he clearly has no autonomy and can make no professional decisions; he must hide behind Mike. And I have no proof on this, but I suspect that Dr. Valuck has no hospital privileges anywhere, which I suspect would be due to his prison record (no hospital will take on that liability, esp since Dr. Valuck was imprisoned because his scam victims were doctors and pharmacists), and can practice no other medicine other than pain management, if that is what we want to call it.

The fact is, Advanced Care's days are numbered. I don't care how many squawking advocates, addicts, seekers, travelers over long distances, or disillusioned patients of Dr. Valuck don't like it - I will personally see to it that the truth is exposed from an insider's perspective, and that the employment of their RUDE, shady, poorly trained and grossly uneducated staff is extinguished by whistleblowing to every governmental agency and news outfit that will listen. Beceause, like it or not Mark, a life may be saved in the long (or short) run for it.
From: Mark
13 Jul 2013, 14:24
People can't come from out state to fill prescriptions. You have to have an Oklahoma ID card or drivers license to obtain a prescription for narcotics in Oklahoma, so you obviously need to do your research.

Your complete statement is null and invalid. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Sounds like an "ex patient" that got fired for BEING a drug addict and trying to double fill, failed your drug test, or any of the other rules that constitute firing you as a patient and now you're mad.

People, take a lot of the negative comments about ACC with a grain of salt. They fire patients for failing drug tests, double filling or any of the other offenses that constitute firing. Then they get on here and get mad, make accusations that are totally untrue.

Sorry you got fired ExPatient and ExPatientNurse, I hope you find someone that can help you if you truly have chronic pain.

From: ExPatientNurse
13 Jul 2013, 13:25
Oh, and Paul, seek in-patient help; seems all Valuck's advocates are either addicts, dependents, painfully ill informed, or both.
From: ExPatient
13 Jul 2013, 13:23
Paul you have NO clue about Dr. Valuck. He spent 5 years in federal prison and the OK Bureau of Narcotics and the Osteopathic Board are watching him VERY closely. One of his patients nearly died, or at least was SEVERELY ill, due to his PAs prescribing. It's on News 9, and Valuck's court case is public. YES, HE PRESCRIBES TO ADDICTS. They come from many states away to get in to see him!!! It is YOU who needs to do research! Court Case Against Valuck For Which He Served Five Years in Federal Prison, Released in 2005: http://www.quatloos.com/hyip_valuck.htm -------- The News 9 Expose About Him and Michael Hume, PA: http://newsok.com/oklahoma-physician-assistant-accused-of-improperly-prescr ibing-painkillers-medications/article/3760383
From: Mark
14 Nov 2012, 18:27
In addition, he is one of the highest rated pain management doctors in the state...

Best Rated Pain Mgmt / Physical Rehabs near OK
Dr. Andrew Briggeman - Broken Arrow
Dr. Gerald Hale - TULSA
Dr. Jason J. Jackson - Oklahoma City
Dr. Donald E. Adams - EDMOND
Dr. Frank Hackl - Tulsa
Dr. Jayen Patel - TULSA
Dr. William Valuck - Oklahoma City
Dr. Daniel G. Morris - TULSA
Dr. Trung B. Nguyen - ENID
Dr. Susan S. Staudt - TULSA
From: Mark
14 Nov 2012, 18:19
I agree with Paul. Jane Doe, you are making unfounded outrageous claims that you have no information supporting such a statement. Paul is also correct, Dr. Valuck does not even treat or see children or practice pediatric medicine. You can and should have charges filed against you for libel. Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism. Just because you used "Jane Doe" doesn't protect you from being identified and prosecuted for libel. I suggest you choose your words more carefully next time or you may end up in court and in a lot of trouble.
From: Paul Abshier
11 Nov 2012, 21:27
Dr. Valuck prescribing to addicts? That has to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Do you even know the difference between tolerance and dependence to a medication as opposed to addiction? It is exactly those type of comments that make it even more difficult for the over 160 million of us in the U.S. alone trying to LIVE with chronic intractable pain. Dr. Valuck has been a physician for 40 years, I am certain with his experience in dealing with chronic pain patients that he can tell exactly who the "addicts" are as opposed to someone who is truly experiencing chronic pain. And to "concerned parent" Dr. Valuck does not treat children. All I know, is we need MORE doctors like Dr. Valuck! To concerned parent, do you know just how many of the millions suffering in chronic pain commit suicide due to the fact they are living with this and have no one to go to for treatment? And doctor who allows their patients to suffer needlessly, is NOT a REAL doctor!
From: Jane Doe
20 Aug 2012, 10:37
You are perscribing pain medication to addicts. I am a concerned parent.